Composition guide

FrameAway is a transparent composition guide that helps you frame your photographs in different sizes, aspect ratios and layouts.

Framing a shot

Photographs that tell stories are the result of a successfull composition. Composition is what helps you understand how you can frame a shot and pass on some of the scene's emotional charge on to your viewers. Composition can make a shot or ruin it.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Unless you're an artist with a great eye, understanding composition will take a while. This is where FrameAway can help; it will allow you to recompose your shots so the next time you take a look at a scene through your viewfinder you will know a bit more of what you should look for.

FrameAway overlay screenshot

Working on a composition

FrameAway is equally as well a designer's tool, behaving as a modern equivalent of a paper overlay and offering visual guides for image manipulation. Through its plugin system, FrameAway can be used as a non invasive tool for keeping the elements of a composition organized and visually striking.